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Vomiting After Food Change October 22, 2014, 11:53 am

        My 5 month old puppy hws been vomiting. She is normally playful and shows no other signs. We have been feeding her Freshpet. Im not sure if its the food that is bothering her. Thank you      
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        I am not a fan of "fresh foods"  especially for puppies as their immune systems are not yet prepared for "routine" shifts in bacterial population that can accompany foods that relay on refrigeration only as a control of bacterial growth.  For now, as with any vomiting problem go with bland foods such as baked or broiled white meat chicken and rice or scrambled egg.  Giving a GI protectant such as pepto bismo or kao pectate at 1 ml per 2 pounds body weight is okay.  You can repeat the protectant after 4 hours.  If you do not see improvement overnight let me know.