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How Many Meals As They Get OlderApril 21, 2014, 7:39 am

Doctor Pup: Let me review your history and I will be back
Doctor Pup: At eight months a single feeding will be okay soon.  I would first leave out one of the meals and also leave some dry food if you are away.  Over a period of 2-3 weeks you can reduce the amount of food left out and if necessary increase the amount of food in the meal.  It is important to note that the total consumption in a day is important not so much how many meals, it is just that fewer meals is easier for most owners and makes potty training to meet your schedule simpler.
Dave: I've often read  that even when they're older,  2 smaller meals twice a day is easier on their digestive system versus 1 larger meal once a day?  Is that not the case?   My husband is retired and at home with him so feeding isn't really an issue,  we just want to do what's best for him.  
Dave: He's also totally potty trained so that's not an issue either.  And crate trained for bed time at night also.  :)
Doctor Pup: I don't feel it is a huge point whether one meal or two, if you are home then two might give them both some quality time.
Dave: Thank you so much.  Have a nice evening.
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