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How Many Meals? January 23, 2014, 10:23 pm

        I have an 8 weeks old Havanese.  Breeder suggested that hard food should always be available for the puppy since he needs to eat whenever he is hungry.  Local pet store suggested that feeding him only twice a day, on schedule so that we can control his elimination habit.  Leaving food available for him all the time means inconsistency in feeding; therefore it will create inconsistency in elimination process. I am confused.      
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        Actually both answers are correct but for different times in your puppy's development.  Especially if you have a small breed puppy insuring a steady intake of food during the transition to a new environment is critcal in avoiding hypoglycema or low blood sugar.  Once your puppy has adjusted to the new envoroment and routine scheduled feedings do create a pattern to elimination.  Allow the puppy to acclaimate for 1-2 weeks and then start by moving from 3 or more feeding towards twice a day by about 4 months of age.