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Changing Feeding Schedules December 17, 2013, 4:19 pm

        Hi, we just got a 8 week old french bulldog last Saturday. We were told to feed her as much chicken as she wants so she will bond with us. The bonding seems to have worked but when do we stop the chicken in addition to the dog food? Also we have been feeding her around the clock, about twice a night. She certainly eats it up but is it necessary? Just looking to establish some kind of routine. Is it too soon for that? Would appreciate your input.      
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        If she is eating well repeatedly during the day and she eats well an hour or so prior to bedtime then the overnight feedings are not necessary.  You could leave a small amount of dry food available for a couple nights for a smoother transition.  If she has shown that she will eat dry food regularly then i would phase out the chicken over the next several days and monitor whether her intake of puppy food increases to make up for the absence of chicken.  It seems her intake is predictable which is all that you need in order to start her toward a routine that fits your schedule.