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Tear stain September 30, 2020, 10:11 am

        My Maltipoo have tear stain, i used eye wipes but doesn't seem to help much.  I just comb around her eyes to get rid of dirty eye stuff everyday.  Will that be suffice or do i need a product?      
Category: Common Conditions


        Tear staining is caused by a reaction between the chemical nature of the tear, bacteria and the proteins in the hair. The chemical makeup of tears varies from dog to dog, that is why some white dogs have no problem and others do. There are cleaning type products available but they rarely work.  The most reliable products are added to your puppies food and act by changing the makeup of the tear. These products can stop further staining but the already stained hair has to grow out which means you must use the product for a month or so before you see the full benefit. Two of the more commonly used products are "Angel Eyes and White Eyes" There are also several herbal products now available. These products are safe to use and will work for the majority of affected puppies.